Fewer U.S. Teens Engaging in Binge Drinking


American teens are hitting the bottle less often than they did 25 years ago, new research reveals. More >

Not Eradicated Worldwide

Many Travelers Skip Measles Shots, Despite Infection Risk


More than half of eligible Americans traveling abroad don't get a measles vaccine, and a key reason is lack of concern about the disease, a new study finds. More >

Don't Swim Unsupervised - Even in the Pool

Many Parents Underestimate Drowning Risks


Pretty soon kids will be clamoring to dive into pools all across America, but many may not have the swimming skills they need to safely splash around. More >

Always Wear a Bike Helmet

Too Many Parents Say No to Helmets for Kids on Wheels


Injuries from cycling or other wheeled activities send over 400,000 kids to U.S. emergency rooms each year. Yet, many parents don't require their children to wear helmets or other safety gear, researchers say. More >

Weight Loss Could Be Early Stage

Study: Thin People Aren't More Prone to Alzheimer's


A study of nearly 100,000 people overturns the notion that being thin somehow raises a person's odds for Alzheimer's disease. More >

Reading to Baby Makes For a Larger Vocabulary


If you ever wondered whether reading Goodnight Moon to your baby every night was a waste of time, a new study suggests it wasn't. More >

Beware the 'Snap, Crackle, Pop'

Noisy Knees Could Mean You're Headed for Arthritis


Knees that "pop," "click" or "crackle" may sometimes be headed toward arthritis in the near future, a new study suggests. More >

Another Breast-Feeding Plus: It's Good for Baby's Belly


Mothers have been told for years that breast-feeding is best. Now researchers say they've found a new way it helps babies -- by planting good bacteria in their digestive system. More >

U.S. Toddlers Eat More French Fries Than Vegetables


American toddlers are more likely to eat french fries than green vegetables on any given day, according to a new national survey on children's eating habits. More >

Study Links Fitness, Test Scores

Stronger Muscles May Pump Up Kids' Memory Skills


Here's yet another reason to make sure your kids are active: New research shows those with stronger muscles may have better working memory. More >

When Can Kids Safely Cross the Street?

Children Younger than 14 May Need Help Crossing Busy Streets


Crossing a busy street requires calculations too complex for kids younger than 14, a new study finds. More >