FHN Heart Month Special

Check On Your Heart’s Health at a Special Rate!

Did you know that most heart attacks could be prevented with early diagnosis of risk factors for coronary artery disease? To celebrate American Heart Month, FHN is offering special pricing on two tests that can give you a good look at your heart health if you have no known coronary artery disease and no prior heart issues. More >

5 Things You Should Know About Cervical Cancer

A little knowledge can go a long way in the fight against cervical cancer. More >

There's Still Time to Get a Flu Shot

Flu Can Have Dangerous Domino Effect on Older Adults

Even months after recovering from the flu, older people remain at increased risk for a heart attack, stroke or disability, a doctor who specializes in infectious diseases warns. More >

Cancer Survivors Can Develop PTSD, Too

People usually imagine post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as happening to war veterans or assault victims. More >

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