Pediatricians: No Amount of Lead Is Safe for Kids

No amount of lead exposure is safe for children, and stricter regulations are needed to protect youngsters from this serious health threat, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says. More >

Dos & Don'ts for Easy Splinter Removal

The Sooner You Remove a Splinter, the Better

Along with the hot days of summer will come a perennial hazard of outdoor living: splinters. More >

Regular Puzzles, Crosswords May Be as Effective

Are Commercial Brain-Training Programs Worth It?

Brain-training programs like Lumosity or NeuroNation frequently tout scientific studies that show their products can truly sharpen a person's intellect. More >

Just a Little of Statins' Effect Enough to Help Heart

Giving high doses of statins to patients with heart disease doesn't lower the risk of future heart trouble any more than moderate doses of the cholesterol-lowering drugs do, a new study finds. More >

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