Fatigue, Sleeplessness Tied to Marathons

Binge-Watching May Leave You Like 'The Walking Dead'

Binge-watch a full season of your favorite television series and a night of bad sleep is bound to follow, new research suggests. More >

Weight Gain Not Necessary

High-Calorie Foods May Raise Cancer Risk in Women

Women who eat a lot of high-calorie foods may face a slightly higher risk of obesity-related cancers -- even if they remain thin, a new study suggests. More >

No Link to Dementia

Popular Heartburn Drugs Don't Raise Risk of Alzheimer's

Widely used heartburn drugs called proton pump inhibitors do not appear to increase Alzheimer's disease risk, according to a new study. More >

Not Just Obesity and Aging

Skeletons Give Clues to Rising Arthritis Rates in US

Rates of knee osteoarthritis have doubled in the United States since the 1940s, but it's not just because Americans are living longer and weigh more, a new study suggests. More >

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