Non-Smoking Moms Have Healthier Kids

Higher Cigarette Taxes May Mean Fewer Infant Deaths

A new European study finds that when the price of cigarettes rises, infant deaths decline. More >

Time to Kick Fido Out of Bed

Sharing Sleeping Space with Pets May Disrupt Your Shut-Eye

It's time to reclaim your bed and send your pets packing -- at least at night. More >

Could Hormone Supplements for Menopause Make a Comeback?

The door may be opening again for menopausal women suffering from hot flashes and night sweats to receive some relief from a source once thought too dangerous to consider, researchers say. More >

Older Kids Need Booster Seats

Parents Getting Better at Using Car Seats Safely

Parents are doing a better job of properly positioning infants and toddlers in their car seats, but older kids aren't always safely seated, a new study reports. More >

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